Salt Inhaler Kit

Salt Inhaler Kit

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Kit contains 2-Salt Inhalers and 2-500 grams of coarse salt

Salt Inhaler Therapy is safe and perfect for relieving the symptoms of Allergies, Shortness of Breath, Hay Fever, Cold, Flu, Bronchitis, Sinus Conditions and other Respiratory Symptoms caused by mold, fungus, smoke and pollution in the air.

Himalayan Salt crystals are placed between the inhaler chambers.  

When using the inhaler, the moisture of the air absorbs microscopic particles of the pure, bio-energetic, mineral laden Himalayan Salt, allowing it to penetrate the entire respiratory tract and drawing excess fluid from the sinuses and cell lining, cleansing the nasal passages and opening the airways to relieve the main cause of congestion and irritation.


Salt Inhaler replacement pack - 250 grams
$7.95  $3.95

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